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The Energies of the Spirit of God


When we come face to face with the challenge of self-giving, when we are asked to go the extra mile, to take the risk of reaching out to another, to offer forgiveness to the heart that rejects us…

Spirit of God, fill us with the energy of your love.

When our world seems bleak, when we walk with sadness written on our soul, when we have days during which everything goes wrong…

Spirit of God, stir the energy of your joy within us.

When anxiety and concern take over our spirit, when restlessness or boredom holds sway over us, when our world cries out in distress and turmoil…

Spirit of God, deepen in us the energy of your peace.

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On those days when we hurry too much, during those times when our anger flares because our pet agendas aren’t met, when we stop giving people our acceptance and understanding…

Spirit of God, create in us the energy of your kindness.

As we face the shadow of our inner world or peer into the darkness of our outer world, as we struggle to believe in our own gifts and blessings…

Spirit of God, strengthen in us the energy of your goodness.

In those difficult times when fear threatens to drown our trust in you, during those experiences of growth when we are tempted to doubt all the ways we have known you…

Spirit of God, renew in us the energy of trusting you.

When harshness or abruptness dominates our moods, when we feel challenged by the power of another, when we use the things of this good earth…

Spirit of God, bless us with the energy of your gentleness.

As we walk on the edges of life and death, as we struggle with the disciplines of spiritual growth, as we yearn to be faithful amid the many changes of inner and outer growth…

Spirit of God, move us with the energy of your guidance.

Spirit of God, you are the stirrings in our hearts. You urge us to get going. You prompt us to follow. You encourage us not to give up. You call us to open our minds and our hearts to receive your energizing, transforming radiance. Make us receptive so that we will follow your loving movement within our lives. We trust in your powerful presence within us. Amen.

From May I Have This Dance? An Invitation to Faithful Prayer Throughout the Year by Joyce Rupp


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