Family Reunion


Gracious and loving God, we gather here today to celebrate our common bond and descendants of the (family name) family. As we do so, we remember all those men and women who have gone before us, leaving us the treasured memories of their lives. We recall how blessed we are to be a part of this journey of life. May our time together be a source of joy and hope for each one here.


We come with our own story of life. We bring with us our joys and sorrows, our trials and our successes. We come here knowing that the bond of history and of blood unites us. If there are differences that divide us, we pray that we will set them aside this day and welcome each one who is with us. We join in celebrating all the blessings which our ancestors have left us.


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I invite you now to hold high any newborn infants or small children who were not with us the last time we met for a reunion. Let the other young children come to the front of our gathering (allow time for the gathering and holding up of the children).

Please repeat after me as you extend your hands toward these children:

God of life ... we behold those who will carry on our family ancestry. ... Gift them with a great love of life ... and a deep faith. ... May they know the blessings of our ancestors. ... May they appreciate what has been handed down to them. ... Thank you for these young treasures. ... Amen!

Blessed by the ties that bind us and blessed be our God for the may gifts given to us. We join now in thanking God for the food we are about to share.


Bless us, and these gifts of nourishment and of celebration, which we are about to receive. We thank you. Amen.

All join in singing to the tune of “Morning Has Broken.”

1. Now we are gathered
      at this reunion,
Let us remember
      how we are one.
We have been given
      the people around us,
Let us give thanks, then,
      for this great gift.

2. Soon we will share in
      the food at this table,
Soon we’ll be telling
      stories of old.
As we remember
      all that’s been given,
We can be thankful
      for all these gifts.

“Family Reunion” out of the ordinary: prayers, poems, and reflections for every season, by Joyce Rupp Copyright 2000. Used by permission of Ave Maria Press. All rights reserved.


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