Pope’s quotes: The world has forgotten God

A quote from Pope Francis:

“We cannot strive for land, housing or work if we are not able to maintain peace or if we destroy the planet. … Creation is not our property, that we may exploit as we please; far less so, the property of the few. Creation is a gift, a wonderful gift that God gave us, to care for and to use for the benefit of all, always with respect and gratitude.

Why, instead of this, are we accustomed to seeing decent work destroyed, the eviction of many families, the expulsion of peasants from the land, war and the abuse of nature? Because this system has removed humanity from the center and replaced it with something else! Because of this idolatrous worship of money! Because of the globalization of indifference — ‘What does it matter to me what happens to others. I’ll defend myself.’ Because the world has forgotten God, the Father: it has become an orphan because it has turned aside from God.”

— Meeting with participants in World Meeting of Popular Movements, Oct. 28, 2014

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