Heft's Next Challenge

The Marian Blog is here for everyone's polite, maturing and speculative thoughts about Mary, the Mother of God – most often by responding to the inquiring texts of others. Thinking about texts, and reading your responses will be interspersed with art and asides. The conversation initially will rely a good deal on promptings initially posed by questions suggested by others.

We started off with Fr. James Heft, SM, and excerpt from his 2009 talk, "Mary and the Intellectual Life."

Here's Heft's next challenge to us:

"The New Testament does not give us a lot of information about the historical Mary. However, as true as that observation is…while it is undeniable that the lack of information about someone who has become very important lends itself to lots of projection, not all projection is distortion."

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In The Marian Blog, NCR books editor Arthur Jones invites a discussion on envisioning Mary, the mother of Jesus, in 21st-century terms.

Jones has been a Catholic journalist since before the Second Vatican Council. This month, Paulist Press releases his latest book, Mary, a Mother Waiting, Raising the Messiah. Jones describes his book as an exploration of the mother-son relationship of Mary and Jesus during the “hidden years,” until she eases him front and center into his ministry at Cana.

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