Mary as a Cosmic Matrix


In Full of Grace: Encountering Mary in Faith, Art and Life, Judith Dupre writes:

"In more recent years, an understanding of our Blessed Mother that is older and broader than the New Testament is emerging, as people are reawakening to an awareness that the environment is a series of exquisite interconnections.

"The new, and very ancient wisdom that we are just one part of nature and exist interdependently with it has been expressed eloquently by the historian and self-described 'geologian' Thomas Berry as the `great work’ of our generation.

"Green sisters, or environmentally active Catholic nuns, have reclaimed Mary as a cosmic matrix, just as they have reclaimed Holy Scripture, making it clear they don’t worship Mary or the saints, or nature itself, but rather believe that God resides in the world and all creation resides within God.”

Examples – and commentary -- everyone, please.

In The Marian Blog, NCR books editor Arthur Jones invites a discussion on envisioning Mary, the mother of Jesus, in 21st-century terms.

Jones has been a Catholic journalist since before the Second Vatican Council. This month, Paulist Press releases his latest book, Mary, a Mother Waiting, Raising the Messiah. Jones describes his book as an exploration of the mother-son relationship of Mary and Jesus during the “hidden years,” until she eases him front and center into his ministry at Cana.

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