The alienation of Catholic women - and men

Given our church's anachronistic all male authority structure and its tenacious blindness to its lack of credibility, especially among women, on issues of reproduction and gender, can any of its members really understand the depth of alienation Catholic women feel today about our church?

Is this blindness not scandal?

I experience gender schism almost almost every time I speak with a woman - and I just returned from Rome and Africa. At the very least it is psychological; often more. And then so many more have simply walked away from our church.

Frankly, it continues to astonish me our church hierarchy carries on as it does seemingly impervious to what is so obvious to others. Can they not know of the gap growing between them and women who have taken their Catholic upbringings seriously and now uphold, as fundamental, Catholic teachings on human dignity, equality and liberation?

I don't know how one gets to these men. But if any among you has the opportunity I suggest you share with them one more piece of evidence, a column triggered a few days back by the latest contraceptive flap and our bishops' positioning within it.

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