Celebs tweeting their prayers for Japan

From CNN:

The devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan and subsequent tsunami has not only media organizations but the Twitter-verse buzzing.

Celebrities like Alyssa Milano, P. Diddy and stars from "Glee" are tracking the news and tweeting prayers, hope and ideas on how we can help.

Katy Perry: "My prayers go out to anyone that is being effected by the disaster in Japan..."

Ryan Seacrest: “Glued to TV watching this unreal earthquake footage out of Japan. Sending prayers to everyone affected. Unbelievable.”

P. Diddy: “GOD BLESS everyone in Japan and anyone affected by this disaster- you are in every thought and prayer!!”

Justin Bieber: "Japan is one of my favorite places on earth...it's an incredible culture with amazing people. My prayers go out to them. We all need to help."

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