Colbert's giant Jesus race

Thanks to a Religion News Service article about comedian Stephen Colbert's Catholicism, lots of viewers have been picking up on his subtle and not-so-subtle references to his faith. Last night was not so subtle.

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Statue of Jesus
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First (in the second segment), the Comedy Central host decried how America is losing the "giant Jesus race." A new 167-foot statue of Christ the King in Poland will dethrone the previous champ, Brazil's 130-foot Christ the Redeemer.

"And all we’ve got here is our lousy 67-foot Christ of the Ozarks," Colbert laments. "Although since Christ of the Ozarks lives in America, we still have a shot at having the fattest Jesus. I assume his last supper was at the Cheesecake Factory."

And, Colbert added, "With Jesus, as with everything important, size matters."

That's because at the Rapture, the giant Jesus statues will come to life and fight, he says.

Later, in a hilarious clip in which Colbert makes saltine-and-mayo/mustard hors d'oeuvres for Martha Stewart, they both reminisce about growing up in big families (he’s one of 11; she’s one of six).

“Were you Catholic?” Stewart asks him.

“Were? I still am Catholic,” Colbert responds. “Are you Catholic?”

“I was,” replies Stewart..

“You’re still Catholic,” he says, then urges: “Come on board. I don’t want to see you in hell.”

Colbert the evangelizer.

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