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Comic Sans brings attention to pope e-book

 |  NCR Today

The Vatican released a 62-page e-book in honor of Pope Benedict XVI. Each page contains a photo of the pope emeritus -- mainly at various points in his papacy -- as well as reflective and insightful words from his past messages. For example: "The Gospel is not an exclusive possession of whoever has received it but a gift to share, good news to communicate."

You can find it here.

(No word yet on why Comic Sans was chosen as the font. Although reviled by designers for its light-hearted appearance and purpose, some say Comic Sans has an approachable tone and is an easy font for some to read. In any case, by using the font, the book perhaps is getting more attention than it would had it been written in, say, Times New Roman. Just use a search engine with the words "Pope Comic Sans.")

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