On this day: All Saints

On this day we celebrate the Solemnity of All Saints.

Do you believe in saintly intercession? Why not go directly to God instead of asking a saint to intercede? Which saints do you pray/talk to? How do they respond? If a saint grants your petition, how do you repay the saint? Who is your Confirmation patron? Why did you choose that saint? Did you name your children for saints? Are there saints you would like to see removed from the calendar? Are there venerables and blesseds you would like to see canonized? Is there a saint who should be better known?

Most people who are interested in or devoted to saints have read Peter Brown's The Cult of the Saints by now, but for anyone who has not, here is the link. It is available for Kindle for $2.85.

Click here for the Mass and here for the Liturgy of the Hours. At Vespers we sing the beautiful Anglican hymn, "For All the Saints."

Happy feast day!

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