Since Dec. 14, guns have killed 242 (and counting)

Young people play music outside the funeral Mass for Rachel Marie D'Avino at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Conn., Dec. 21. D'Avino was among the 20 schoolchildren shot dead Dec. 14 after a gunman forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary Schoo l in Newtown. (CNS photo/Michelle McLoughlin, Reuters)

Slate and a Twitter feed called @GunDeaths are teaming up in a social media experiment to create an interactive feature they call “Gun Deaths in America Since Newtown.”

As of Thursday afternoon, 13 days since Newtown, 242  people have died as a result of gun wounds.

The creator of @GunDeaths is anonymous, but he (it is a he according to Slate) says he wants to “Tweet every gun death in North America regardless of cause and without comment. Help us tell the story behind the statistics.” Check it out at

Slate is hopes to boost @GunDeaths social media reach so his tally is more accurate and  is using his data to create an interactive tally and map of the gun deaths. See it here. Visit Slate for details on how you can help keep the tally accurate.

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