A different kind of matching grant

During our webathon this year, we have been lucky enough to have received a number of matching grants -- from Dana Greene and Richard Roesel, Raaberg and Lomont, John Wieser and an anonymous donor -- that gave a great boost to our webathon efforts. Right now, NCR publisher Tom Fox is announcing another kind of matching pledge.

“This is not an easy time for our church and particularly it is not an easy time for woman religious in our midst,” Tom Fox said. “Today I am asking you to help these women religious by donating to this webathon. “

A space is on our online donation form that says “In honor of.” Fox said that if someone enters “our Catholic sisters” in that space today before 6 p.m. central time, the money donated will go to NCR’s coverage of women religious.

“Every cent of the money that you donate will go the our coverage of these women in the coming months. You can help us, you can help the sisters and you can help the church” by giving now,” Fox said. “Give now. Give to this webathon. We have important goals to meet and you can help the sisters in the process. I thank you so much for our cooperation.”

What better way do you have to ensure your donation is put to good use disgnating it for coverage of our women religious?

NCR has always been very frugal with your dollars. We have no fat in our budget. We believe that donations made to us are held in almost a sacred trust, a pledge to use the money to fight for justice, to give voice to the marginalized, to help create a space for people to often shuffled off the stage.

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We have two and half days left in the webathon, and we are barely halfway to our goal. We raised $25,000 yesterday. Let’s try for another banner day today. If you have already given, share this message with friends. The goal is in sight, but still a long way off.

Please donate now.

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