Digging out

Like many in the Northeast, here in the New York we are emerging from a night of 60 mph winds and a blizzard that brought between 20 and 30 inches of snow to the metropolitan area. Lightning and thunder even accompanied the squalls. The blizzard was the sixth largest snowfall in New York City history. Interestingly, four of our top six snowfalls occurred in the last fourteen years. The other two storms took place 1888 and 1947.

The Northeast isn’t alone in battling extreme weather. The Minneapolis Metrodome collapsed two weeks ago after the fifth largest snowfall in the Twin Cities’ history deflated its roof. Last week, Great Britain was crippled by unprecedented snowfall, while Russia has been plagued with a severe ice storm that has shut down electricity to its major airports. Thousands are stranded, many without food or water.

But the global warming-deniers may not want to rejoice just yet. As Judah Cohen explains in his New York Times op-ed, these frigid weather extremes are actually consistent with global warming. Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming

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