Jamie L. Manson is a columnist and books editor at the National Catholic Reporter. She is editor of Changing the Questions: Explorations in Christian Ethics, a collection of writings by Margaret Farley. Her writing has won numerous awards, and her activism on behalf of women in the church led her to receive the Theresa Kane Award for Women of Courage and Vision.

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Why does Francis' passion for justice and unity stop short of women?

Grace on the Margins: Throughout his papacy, Francis has called the church to be courageous and open, rather than "a relic of the past." Yet he is making desperately-needed progress on the status of women wholly dependent on an ancient precedent.


Young progressive Catholics really do care about the church

Grace on the Margins: I am tired of the narrative that liberal young Catholics have rejected the church or are indifferent to it. If that is true, why are so many graduate schools in theology, ministry and religious studies brimming with millennial Catholics?


Pope Benedict explains things to me

Grace on the Margins: Pope Benedict XVI's letter achieves something he likely did not intend: He demonstrates precisely how the institutional church got into its current psychosexual mess. 


The quick and wondrous radicalization of Lucetta Scaraffia

Grace on the Margins: If a woman like Scaraffia isn't going to take it anymore and is emboldened enough to storm out and take her team with her, the Vatican had better start paying attention.