Jamie L. Manson is a columnist and books editor at the National Catholic Reporter. She is editor of Changing the Questions: Explorations in Christian Ethics, a collection of writings by Margaret Farley. Her writing has won numerous awards, and her activism on behalf of women in the church led her to receive the Theresa Kane Award for Women of Courage and Vision.

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Can Fr. James Martin's bridge hold up?

Grace on the Margins: Martin's book Building A Bridge conveys accessibility and welcome. But for some, particularly longtime LGBT activists, some sections may read like fiction.

Play draws Mary from Bible and Quran

If the political discourse of the last year contained any theological lesson, it's that Americans could benefit from greater religious literacy. One place to start might be to examine which stories our faiths share in common.

That is the hope of "Mary/Maryam," a new play by Victoria Rue that explores the life of the mother of Jesus as she is presented in the Christian Scriptures and in the Quran.

What would we do without NCR?

Webathon 2017. NCR is committed to spotlighting the voices of people on the margins of church and society. You can join us in this mission this week. 

When women become a clear and present danger at the Vatican

Grace on the Margins: Our message was simple: God calls men and women to the priesthood. But we were treated like credible threats on a watch list.