A to-do list to keep sequestration cuts from hurting the poor

I imagine most NCR readers are dismayed that Congress reinstated the hours of air traffic controllers facing furloughs while refusing to end housing voucher cuts and Head Start reductions. But if we want to roll up our sleeves and work to restore assistance to the poor, the best source I've found is the Coalition for Human Needs.

The Coalition on Human Needs has begun compiling a weekly list of examples of our losses, sorted by topic, caused by the sequestration. Cuts to address homelessness, service to seniors, and food security are described as they affect local communities around the country. If you have examples of the impact of sequestration in your community, the site invites you to submit them.

Here are simple actions the coalition suggests we take:

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The coalition also lists sources for background information:

Finally, we can use those specific cuts the coalition is documenting to write our own letters to Congress and to editors. It's past time to get to work on this.


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