\"Holier than Dow\"

I stole that headline from Jon Stewart's "Daily Show." It refers to a segment last week in which correspondent Samantha Bee profiles two priests and a nun calling for corporate responsibility from Wall Street, specifically Goldman Sachs.

Featured were Father Seamus Finn, OMI, from Investing for Catholics, Maryknoll Father Joe LaMar from the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, and Sister Barbara Aires, coordinator of social responsibility for for the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth, N.J. (A fourth woman on screen is not identified.)

Bee plays devil's advocate: "Jesus wants us all to be rich. The pope gets it. Have you even seen his ceiling?

But LaMar is quick with the comeback: "He moved in after it was done, so he had nothing to do with that."

Despite the potshots (calling Sister Barbara "the money nunny"), the piece does show priests and nuns working to bring the gospel to Wall Street by demanding more "transparency" from CEOs at shareholder meetings.

Of course, this prompts references to the sex abuse scandals. "Goldman Sachs is losing a PR war to the Catholic Church," Bee says. "That is not easy to do."

Sadly, so true. But it's men and women religious like these three who are helping to restore the knocks to the church's credibility instigated by their leaders.

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