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Kudos to Maryknoll

 |  NCR Today

As someone who wrote about Maryknoll's decision to pull funding from the School of the Americas Watch last spring, I was ecstatic to hear the religious order has reversed that decision. See NCR's story here.

Maryknoll had previously said, "it cannot continue its financial support of that organization without giving the impression that it also supports the actions of its leader concerning the issue of women’s ordination," referring to SOAW founder Father Roy Bourgeois' public support of women's ordination.

Now, they say, "Maryknoll...has people across the Americas who work along the same lines and work for the same goals," referring to SOAW's work on foreign policy issues in Latin America.

Latin America is where the focus should be, not on the women's ordination issue.

Read our new blog series, La Iglesia Hispana, focusing on Hispanic Catholics, the church's new emerging majority.

And Call to Action, a critic of Maryknoll's initial decision, is right to encourage those who agree with the new decision to thank Rev. Michael Duggan of Maryknoll for doing the right thing. Contact info for him is here.

Thanks for a happy ending. Now SOAW can continue its important work.



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