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Listen in on A Nun's Life

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I just received an e-mail from Sr. Maxine Kollasch. Maxine and Sr. Julie Vieira, both Immaculate Heart of Mary sisters from Monroe, Mich., are the driving forces behind the web site,

They do a lot of things on a blog, podcasts, a vocations discussion board, a 24/7 chat room and more.

A recent initiative is a live audio broadcast called "In Good Faith," which features guests who are nationally known for their ministries and discuss spirituality, religious life and discernment.

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The show airs on the first Thursday of the month at 8 p.m. EST.

Sr. Sandra Schneiders was their inaugural guest last month. Tonight they will speak with Margaret Susan Thompson, an Associate Professor, History and Political Science at Syracuse University in New York. Thompson has written extensively on women religious in the United States.

Sr. Maxine tells me that Thompson will talk "about calling and history, her experience working with women’s religious communities across the country, the significance of Catholic sisters and nuns in the context of the American experience, and what the “good old days” of religious life was actually like. We’ll also talk about how many of the stories of founders and pioneer sisters can inspire us today in our daily quest for God."

Here's a link to more details: A Nun's Life.



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