Local reaction to Kicanas controversy

by Heidi Schlumpf

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I've read a lot of reaction and analysis about the controversial USCCB election over the past days (some of the best of it right here and here on this very blog), but one of the most interesting was a true local reaction from a blogger for the Tuscon Citizen who used to work for the diocesan newspaper there.

Says "God Blogger" Renee Schafer Horton:

First, Kicanas is about as “liberal” as I am pope. He’s a moderate that leans slightly right. Trust me, I used to write for the Catholic paper here, and as a columnist, my views were moderate and leaning slightly left. I’ve spent plenty of time chatting with him about various issues and more times than not, Kicanas sides with (or at least gives in to) the more “conservative” wing of the Church.

She gives him "the liberal test":

Does he support women’s ordination? Nope. Optional celibacy for priests? Nope. Married clergy? Nope. Ordaining openly gay men? Nope. Does he fight abortion? Yes. Does he fight euthanasia? Yes. Does he fight war? yes. He is, in other words, pro-life, not just anti-abortion, and sits – for the most part – squarely in the moderate middle, for which many a Tucson Catholic is grateful.

Read the whole blog post here.

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