Morning Briefing

NCR staff writer Brian Roewe is on the ground reporting in Paris on the COP21 climate change talks. Catch his latest story here and follow all of the coverage here.

Francis: If church forgets mercy even for one moment, its work is 'useless'. Francis opened the Year of Mercy yesterday.

If you haven't been following NCR's newest blog series, The Field Hospital, you should. It's a collection of stories told from the parish-level. The latest: North Carolina parishioners clash with pastor, petition for his removal

Column: 'Spotlight' shows importance of investigative reporting

American Muslims accuse Donald Trump of leading 'lynch mob'

Amid Palestinian violence, Israel tracks far-right Jewish threat

Russians are joining ISIS in droves

Commentary: What else can besieged American Muslims do?

Column: The GOP establishment may need religious voters to stop Donald Trump

Archbishop resettles Syrian refugee family in Indianapolis despite governor's objections

Ireland archbishop says baptizing your child just to gain a school place is 'abuse'

Cancer patient blessed by Pope Francis in Philadelphia dies

Diocese's posting of nun's trophy deer draws backlash

DC police locate suspicious person, shelter-in-place lifted at Catholic University


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