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As Donald Trump's poll numbers continue to fall, and he suggests that "Second Amendment people" might have a solution should HIllary Clinton be elected, The Washington Post detects a pattern: Outrage, headlines and then denial.

Distinctly Catholic: Trump's many flavors of unseriousness

Meanwhile, an exhaustive investigative piece like this, on Hillary Clinton's lack of success in creating NY jobs, goes under the public radar.

The 'nones' just don't care about a candidate's faith: Fewer and fewer Americans vote with religion in mind (Boston Globe).

Looks like Pope Francis is going to get a robust discussion of women deacons. Josh McElwee reports that members of the women deacon commission have expressed diverse views on the matter in past writings.

Charity Sr. Paula Gonzalez, 'the solar nun,' dies at age 83. She was a long-time advocate of renewable energy.

Catholic faith an essential for Olympian Kevin Lisch of Belleville, Ill. Former SLU Billiken, now playing in Rio for Australia.

Heidi Schlumpf -- Custody of my eyes: Why I don't watch violent, viral videos

Global Sisters Report:

Q&A with Sr. Infant Tresa, Catholic nun, nurse and a yoga master

Three stats and a map: Looking to space to gain perspective





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