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Assad vows to retake Syria, calling into question impending cease-fire

Guardian photographer Christian Sinibaldi was granted unprecedented access to the corridors of Vatican City over several months. Pope Francis: b​ehind the scenes​ ​in​ ​Vatican City –​ photo essay Honestly, not too many photos of Francis, but still interesting.

The next essay in NCR's Making Peace series: Jettisoning just war endangers just peace by Roger Bergman

Opinion: Hillary Clinton's worrisome wobble by Melissa Batchelor Warnke. "The margin between Clinton and Trump is so close now that any slip on her part, of the tongue or of the body, could result in the election of a Putin-loving, immigrant-stigmatizing, flip-flopping, shallow and painfully unqualified former reality-television host slash ersatz self-made emperor as the United States’ 45th president."

Memphis, Tenn. -- Trump’s outreach efforts gaining little traction with African-Americans

Michael Sean Winters says: Memo to Chaput and Kaine: Stay in your lane!

This is labelled as news, but I'll let you decide. Obama's $91M refugee grant silencing Catholics on Hillary?

Pan-African Congress on Divine Mercy underway in Rwanda

Melbourne, Australia -- Listeners contacted a local radio station to complaining that retail stores had already begun Christmas promotions, complete with Christmas trees and minced pies. The station contacted Melbourne auxiliary Bishop Mark Edwards for comment. What he said may surprise you: "In some ways I'm sort of happy"

What do you make of this: One county in southern Indiana sends more people to prison than San Francisco does

Yes, I'm celibate. No, I'm not a nun. I Am Happily Married to God — As a Consecrated Virgin This is a profile of a young Catholic woman in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Appeals court rejects Michigan woman's lawsuit over Catholic hospital care Woman said a Catholic hospital denied her adequate treatment during a painful miscarriage; judge ruled that the court did not have jurisdiction over the defendants, including the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops which writes healthcare directives for Catholic hospitals.

Guatemala, Honduras -- Children born with HIV find love in sister-run orphanages

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