Eduardo Campos Lima holds a degree in journalism and a doctorate in literature from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Between 2016 and 2017, he was a Fulbright visiting research student at Columbia University. He has written for major news outlets, such as Reuters and the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

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After abortion legalization, Argentine church searches for a new path

Argentina's legalization of abortion has been seen as a significant defeat for the influence of the Catholic Church. Worsening that feeling was the role Catholic women played in the campaign for the new abortion law.

As El Salvador leans authoritarian, Romero inspires Catholics toward change

As El Salvador President Nayib Bukele's administration faces more and more international criticism for alleged authoritarianism, a movement is seeking inspiration from St. Óscar Romero in denouncing injustice.

Francis' teachings inspire Catholics in Latin America's economic protests

Amid severe economic consequences of COVID-19, Catholics in Latin America — often inspired by Pope Francis' teachings against unregulated capitalism — have raised their voices against neoliberal policies.

With election over, Catholics in Bolivia hope to bridge country's religious divisions

Now that Luis Arce's landslide victory in Bolivia's election has been confirmed, the socialist economist — and the Catholic Church — has the mission of reuniting an incredibly polarized society.