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Good morning from Kansas City! If you didn't notice, NCRonline launched its new commenting system yesterday, Civil Comments. We think the launch has been successful and we look forward to hearing your feedback. If you are having trouble figuring out how to join the community, please visit here

Here's what's new at NCRonline today: 

Cardinal Wuerl: Amoris Laetitia is 'consensus document,' rooted in tradition

Soul Seeing: We don't take her breath for granted

Eco Catholic: Monterey, Calif., diocese enters 'new era' with sustainable energy program

Column: Blocking or keeping online friends out of Christian 'love'

If you missed any of NCR's coverage of Pope Francis in Georgia and Azerbaijan, please click here.

Over at Global Sisters Report: 

At the Haitian-Dominican border, a ministry to help the displaced who 'fight to survive'

Radioactive dumping grounds are a concern for US sisters

GSR Today: What companion dogs can teach us about the world

In other news around the web: 

10 years after Amish schoolhouse killing, the work of grieving remains

Day after 55 dead in stampede, Ethiopia unrest continues

Black Monday: Polish women strike against abortion ban

Kenyan churches demand HIV test for couples wanting to marry

"I had to:" Inside the mind of an 'honor' killer in Pakistan

In a time of Trump, Millennial Jews awaken to anti-Semitism

Mexico’s deadly for priests, but the church Is complicit with killers

Don't forget that tonight is the one and only vice-presidential debate between Democratic candidate Tim Kaine and Republican candidate Mike Pence

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