Morning Briefing

Mexico City, Mexico: Six Million Pilgrims Celebrate “Birthday” of Virgin of Guadalupe

Netanyahu says welcomes shift in U.S. peace effort, U.S. to drop efforts to achieve a building freeze in Jewish settlements.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: Dutch public believes Church covered up abuse-poll

Dublin, Ireland: Minister dismisses abuse WikiLeaks 'sideshow'

North Bay, Canada: Mission work leaves teen wanting more

Ireland: Archbishop Diarmuid Martin denounces church for growing self-centred and arrogant; he was preaching in the former parish of ex-priest Tony Walsh who was jailed last week for sexually abusing three boys.

Commentary: Catholic chaplains in the armed forces answer to the president, not the prelate, Don't Ask, Don't Tell
See commentary by Michael Sean Winters at "Distinctly Catholic"

Boston archdiocese to freeze lay workers' pensions

Fond du Lac, Wis.: Will the Roman Catholic Church one day ordain female priests? Reception of Anglican priest into Roman Catholic preisthood raise moement of questions.

EPWORTH, Iowa, Divine Word College graduating first female student, to begin accepting lay students next term

WOODSTOCK, Ill.: Nuns provide pastoral care to immigrants at McHenry County Jail

BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Priest fined for shooting starter pistol

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