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Philippines National lottery chief defends decision to give luxury vehicles to several bishops

Opinion from Anchorage, Alaska Gay marriage is an American right

Poll: New York 70 percent of white NY Catholics say religious leaders make no difference in their decision to support or reject gay marriage law 48 percent each in support and opposition

San Diego, Calif. Catholic church reconsiders gay man's funeral, earlier priest said he couldn't do it

Windsor, Canada Catholic board faces 'perfect storm', 49 schools safe until June 2012, after that date, declining enrolment and loss in government funding makes school closures "a very difficult, but very real" possibility.

CLEVELAND, Ohio The Vatican is investigating Bishop Richard Lennon's closings of churches in the Cleveland Catholic Diocese, according to a report in an Italian newspaper.

Baltimore Local Catholic leaders urge support for Dream Act Interested in immigration reform? Read the NCR blog Immigration and the Catholic Church.

Interview the historian Colleen McDannellBeyond the Miniskirt-Wearing Nun: What Catholic Reform Looks Like: "The Catholic church my parents go to in Florida decided to renovate their sanctuary. What had once been a spare, modernist space was transformed into a traditional one with the addition of a large crucifix, statues of the saints, and Stations of the Cross. It seemed to me that I was witnessing the disappearance of Vatican II." (Read NCR's reveiw of this book: The renewal, and the jolt, Vatican II brought

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