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‘Nuns on the Bus’: Investigated but irrepressible

Iowa Radio Host Says Nuns Should Be “Pistol Whipped”; GOP Congressman Laughs (with audio) This happened a couple of days ago, but audio went viral late Monday.

Richard Rohr criticizes 'Fortnight for Freedom'

Christians cautious about Islamist's victory in Egyptian election

Heavy fighting around Syrian capital

In his aggressive defense of Arizona’s immigration law, Justice Antonin Scalia pointedly went after President Obama’s recent immigration policy shift and accused him of deliberately refusing to enforce immigration statutes.

Calgary, Canada -- Parents, MDs want Catholic school board, bishop to reconsider HPV vaccine ban

Commentary By Father Robert Barron One of the most theologically fascinating and just plain entertaining books I've read in a long time is Yves Congar's My Journal of the Council.

Editorial: Support Pennsylvania bill that would eliminate statutes of limitation on future criminal prosecutions in child-sexual-assault cases and give victims until age 50 to lodge civil claims.

Fortnight for Freedom: Washington Post blog "On Faith" asked readers to show how they are participating.

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