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The first Friday in Lent. Don't forget your morning scripture: This, rather, is the fasting that I wish.

The news: Illinois Senate approves gay marriage

The analysis -- Illinois Catholics Stand Up to Bishops As Marriage Equality Progresses

It is not just Rome that is in transition: Selections in Irish leadership refashion country's church

LCWR president: New pope should work with sisters

Read our new blog series, La Iglesia Hispana, focusing on Hispanic Catholics, the church's new emerging majority.

A critical tone among cardinals begins to emerge

Can Quebec cardinal Marc Ouellet save the Catholic Church?

Filipino pope?

The Republicans’ Ugly and Shameful Chuck Hagel Filibuster

Jakarta, Indonesia -- Islamic Religious Groups Demonstrate Against Catholic Church

São Paulo, Brazil -- A Laboratory for Revitalizing Catholicism

Where the rubber hits the road: Religion, like politics, is local: Peters Township, Pa. -- St. Benedict [parish] allowed to display fish fry signs

PP-header2.jpgLooking for an a little inspiration to begin your day?  NCR's sister publication, Celebration, gives you two options, both based on the Scripture readings of the day:

Pencil Preaching is blog that Celebration editor Pat Marrin combines scripture and sketching to reflect on the word.

Daily Bread is a series short reflections, written by four authors who meet regularly to share the readings. Daily Bread is intended to help daily preachers and others who pray from the assigned scriptures each day to orient themselves to the Living Word addressed to the church in the world. It's a great way to begin the day.




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