Opus Dei on film

Roland Joffe, the director who brought you "The Killing Fields" and "Mission" is now working on a film that focuses on the early years of Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer, founder of the Opus Dei. It is to be titled: "There Be Dragons."

Here's the synopis from the Internet Movie Database:

A young journalist long ago rejected by his now aged and dying father finds himself investigating one of his father's former friends, a candidate for canonization. Uncovering the two men's complicated relationship from childhood through the horrors of the Spanish Civil War unveils a compelling drama filled with passion, betrayal, love and religion. An action packed story set during a murderous time in history that ultimately serves the present by revealing the importance and timeless power of forgiveness.

It's in pre-production, filming scheduled for Spain and Argentina. Expect a 2010 release date.

I have seen no mention of who will play St. Escriva. Apparently neither Tom Hanks or Ron Howard are attached to this flick. I'll have to check with our John Allen, who wrote the book on Opus Dei, to see if he's a consultant.

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