Jose Solís is a Honduran culture critic based in New York City. He is the creator of Token Theatre Friends and the founder of the BIPOC Critics Lab.

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In 'Being the Ricardos,' Nicole Kidman captures how Lucille Ball preached through joy

Nicole Kidman's soulful portrayal in "Being the Ricardos" invites us into Lucille Ball's imagination, a place where she is visited by the muse, a place very similar to the method of imaginative prayer.

Oscar-nominated 'The Hand of God' explores how the divine finds us through most unexpected sources

"The Hand of God" is a treasure chest of experiences, a safe place through which the artists involved in the film, as well as audience members, can access precious memories, a permanent link to the divine.

In a family story, Netflix's 'Selena' captures the joys of Latinx people

Review: The first part of this series about the legendary Tejano singer unfolds very much like life itself: a collection of seemingly innocuous scenes whose meaning is revealed only when we're able to look back.