The passing of the crosier ...

Did you see the stories NCR columnist Phyllis Zagano wrote about here trip to Australia: Australian church is alive and kicking -- mostly kicking

On July 11, Toowoomba, Australia, received its new bishop: Robert McGuckin, 68, a canon lawyer from Sydney. According to The Chronicle, Toowoomba’s daily newspaper, McGuckin insisted that his predecessor, Bishop William Morris, have a prominent role in the installation.

“I wanted Bishop Morris involved. … He’s been bishop of the diocese for many years. He’s a wonderful man,” the paper quote McGuckin.

“I particularly wanted him involved in the handing over of the crozier and walking me to the cathedra [bishop’s chair].”

The Chronicle reported that the congregation burst into prolonged applause when McGuckin thanked Morris for his years of service and his help in getting McGuckin settled in. Morris, the paper said, was “very touched” by the applause from the congregation.

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