Pax Christi Haiti: Best tribute to Haitians is to end all forms of violence

Pax Christi USA has posted a short reflection on the way we can honor Haitians suffering from the recent earthquake. The reflection is written by Pax Christi Haiti's project director, Daniel Tillias.

Here's a short excerpt:

Haiti lives for the world what no other should ever experience. Haiti brings to our mind what for too long was out of our sight. The whole world now has no excuse for ignorance of all these dangers threatening the future of the coming generation: like the destruction accompanying war and what environmental degradation can cause to this earth.

The reasons behind war and an earthquake are really different, sure - but the suffering is not different. And this is one lesson this earthquake should teach the world. Haiti rallies every individual to understand some examples of what it means for a little baby to lose both parents at a glance; for people to be under constant threat that it will hit again. It is not the same situation, for sure - but the cracks in the house that the people avoid to get in and all the aftershocks are pretty similar situation to what some populations experience constantly from war. And also the same is this: seeing a population fleeing to the country reminds us of the refugees living in a war zone.

At this moment many efforts are addressed to the Haitian people. But it is good to remember that the best therapy for all this can be nothing other than love. Love is more powerful than any relief people can imagine, and it should be the main focus.

As the commitment is so big toward bringing relief to the people who survive from this, everyone should think about ways to do something in memory of these thousands of people who died. One way to honor the souls of the victims of this earthquake is to end all that can cause the same suffering to other people in the world. End war, cease violence, reduce hunger, reduce pollution in the world - this is the best tribute the world can give to the Haitian people.

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