'People' give hope to others at conference

On the minds of some Call To Action conference attendees is hope. This past weekend in Milwaukee, NCR asked people, young and old, where they find hope in the church today.

Katie Jones from Washington D.C. finds hope "through individual relationships, with amazing people and organizations that are being church for each other, even when we can't necessarily find comfort or safety in some of the traditional church structures."

Others also found hope in the people.

"I receive a lot of hope from the older people that are here because I see what they've actually fought for and that they're still here in spite of the fact that there have been so many changes in the demographics of who represents Catholics today," Marie-Louise Thurton of Toronto, Canada said. "So I draw a lot of optimism from them and their stories … I'm really privileged to be here today."

Stephen Lanterman of Chicago said, "I think wherever there is open-mindedness and an effort to meet people halfway and to accommodate other people's points of view, that is really where I'm finding the gospel of love."

But some waver a bit on their hope for change.

"I think… it'll take a long time, probably longer than I have left, but I don't care," Jackie Starkey of New York City said. "It's the journey, they always say. And this journey with this group is a privilege."

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