The season to be merciful

There is a press here in Missouri for clemency for 14 women who were convicted of murdering their husbands despite the mitigating evidence of the women’s abuse. I have a Jewish friend who notes that we goyim tend to show mercy during holy seasons like Easter and Christmas, not so much during Ordinary Time.

I’m afraid he’s right. Hence organizers chose the Christmas season to circulate a petition. It includes bios of all the women.

Our political leaders seem loath to show mercy in any season. But one of the political truisms that I hate is that we get the government we deserve. Our elected officials merely reflect our own anger and desire to punish.

One of the Catholic Worker Midnight Mass homilies I remember is that God came to us as an infant, totally dependent on human love and compassion. We are goyim after all. We are what we are. During Christmas we are especially reminded to be compassionate and merciful. Let’s tell that to our president and governors.

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