Six questions for pro-life candidates

An array of Republican candidates for president will attend the National Right to Life Convention this week. Presumably they will all speak, each attempting to make the case of being the most right-to-life of all.

I wish the convention delegates would ask each of them the following questions:

  1. What have you done to provide health care for children born with disabilities?

  2. Do you also endorse the United Nations Rights of the Child?

  3. Do you view the federal budget as a moral document? Explain.

  4. Cardinal Bernadine spoke of the choice for life as a seamless garment. What did he mean and do you agree?

  5. What have you done to oppose the death penalty?

  6. How would you “right-size” the military budget?

Plenty of people would not like these questions, but many of us would welcome them. In the 1970’s the St. Louis Archdiocese put up billboards saying, “God is pro-life.” I’ve been waiting ever since for the anti-abortion movement to become a life movement.

I write with some hesitation because I expect some vitriolic responses to this blog. And I write with some sorrow. I don’t want a shouting match. I want our wealthy nation to choose life. I just don’t see it happening.

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