Time to stop the insanity of gun deaths

by Dennis Coday

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Our prayers go out to the families, teachers and students at Sandy Hook Elementary School. What can one say at such tragedy?

(27 dead, including 18 children)

NCR has written quite a bit about guns and gun violence this year. After the shooting in Aruora, Colo., shootings, we wrote this editorial: Editorial: We are victims of out-of-control gun culture., in which we concluded:

No rationale exists for anyone, save law enforcement officers and members of a "well-ordered militia," to own an assault rifle and hundreds, even thousands, of rounds of ammunition. To allow another gun massacre to go by with nothing more than hand-wringing and empty words is not being considerate of victims. It is rather buying into a culture-wide denial and giving assent to the insanity. We need to talk seriously about gun control.

Our bloggers have also spoken up:

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