Toothbrush thrall

The popes have been right about materialism for 124 years, since Rerum Novarum in 1891. Yes, other writers described the destructive lure of goods in the marketplace, but Pope Leo XIII was right there. And Pope Francis is there today with Laudato Si'.

So I should have been braced for hearing these words in a television commercial, “The most-loved rechargeable toothbrush brand.” And when I Googled the phrase, I found “most-loved electric toothbrush brand by Americans. ...” The site goes on to say there are no words to describe the experience.

Really, I’m having trouble finding words to describe my attempt to fathom the emotion of loving an electric toothbrush.

I’m a daughter of my society. As much as I try to resist mainstream culture, I enjoy trying out those massage chairs in chichi gadget shops. I spend the extra money for Apple computers. I have a good mattress. I might even, in unthinking hyperbole, say that I love these things. But most-loved computer? Most-loved mattress? Most-loved electric toothbrush?

Would I trade them for my cat? Nope.

I could go on, but so can you. Have at it.

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