'Virtual preaching' transforms Sunday sermons

Protestant pastors always seem to be ahead of Catholics when it comes to the use of technology. Here's another example.

Pastor Ed Young Sr., is part of a new generation of pastors who can be in two places at one time. They are using technology -- high-def videos, and even holograms -- to beam their Sunday morning sermons to remote "satellite" churches that belong to their congregation.

High-def sermons: good theology and good business?

Young, the Texas pastor, also invoked the New Testament to support his method of preaching.

Young said Biblical church leaders like the Apostle Paul wrote letters that were then distributed to churches across the Roman Empire. The church leaders weren't physically present when those letters -- some of which were later included in the New Testament -- were read aloud, but that didn't make the message any less profound, he said.

"All we're doing is putting high definition, cool technology behind something that's as old as them New Testament," said Young, who also blogs, has a Facebook page and uses Twitter.

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