Wall Street protests

Rumor has it that the Wall Street Occupiers are coming to D.C. today. And they are spreading to other cities nationwide. It's about time. For many people, these protests are a welcome sign that the predatory attitudes and practices of Wall Street are seeping into the consciousness of ordinary citizens. Best of all, many of the young are beginning to act.

The actions of Wall Street investors (who might better have been called "gamblers" in 2008, and some even now) caused the current recession, and they are re-enforcing the income inequities that are swelling the numbers of the poor and squeezing the middle class. It's a national disgrace.

For Catholics, this growing income gap is a fundamental question of social justice. And I'm sure many people of faith are joining in. The clergy are not yet very visible, however. It's time for them to join and give the whole movement the blessings of moral credibility.

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