When will it get better?

by Heidi Schlumpf

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The "It Gets Better" project, in which everyday and famous gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people and others, record video messages of hope to GLBT youth, was a pastoral response to the recently publicized suicides of a number of gay youth.

Started by columnist (and former Catholic) Dan Savage, it has truly gone viral on YouTube, with more than 5,000 videos posted. While there are a number of videos from everyday Catholics--and former Catholics--not one member of the clergy, woman religious or other Catholic leader has joined the project.

Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, an out gay man himself, recorded this video and is taking flak from some Catholics (including this blogger) for what he said about the Catholic Church:

"I know a lot of you are feeling in that dark place because religion and religious people are telling you you're an abomination before God. Maybe you're growing up in a Roman Catholic household and you hear from your church that you are intrinsically disordered. Or maybe you're growing up in a Mormon household or a Southern Baptist household and you're told that somehow your life is not acceptable to God. I'm going to tell you, as a religious person, that they are flat out wrong. God loves you beyond anything you can imagine..."

Now he is accused of misrepresenting Catholic teaching. Last time I looked, the church still taught that homosexuality was an "intrinsic disorder."

I found Robinson's video inspiring and hope it is viewed by young (and old) GLBT persons who feel oppressed, excluded or unloved by Christian churches. Now, if only a Catholic leader were so brave...

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