\"Yes, Sister!\"

It made my day! As I ate breakfast, I was elated reading, "Listen to the Nuns," E.J. Dionne's column in the Washington Post this morning. He was reporting on the courageous stand that the leadership of thousands of nuns took in support of passing health care reform with the Senate language on abortion, not the highly restrictive (and much misinterpreted) Stupak language in the House bill.

I am truly proud of NETWORK (of which I am a member), the social justice lobby leading the effort, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and Sr. Carol Keenan who announced a similar position for the Catholic Health Association.

This is all the most noteworthy because of the current Vatican investigation. That (as far we know – and we don't know much) has nothing to do with health care reform, but it could have led to overly cautious behavior. Instead my sisters decided to go for broke and help save the health care of millions in the process. Wow! Do you suppose Members of Congress can match that courage?

Hopefully, enough of them – especially those who went through Catholic schools – remember nuns when they cast their votes… and here's hoping that once again, they say, "Yes, Sister!"

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