Prayer of one who is moving on

For this prayer you should place a suitcase in a position where you can see it while you pray.

Read and Pray: Psalm 121

Yahweh guards you from harm,
He guards your lives.
He guards your leaving, coming back,
now and for always (Ps 121:7, 8)


Guardian, guide, no pillar of cloud by day nor fire by night,
Yet I sense your presence with me, God of the journey.
You are walking with me into a new land.
You are guarding me in my vulnerable moment.
You are dwelling within me as I depart from here.
You are promising to be my peace as I face the struggles
of distance from friends and security,
the planting of feet and heart in a strange place.

Renew in me a deep trust in you. Calm my anxiousness.
As I reflect on my life I can clearly see
how you have been there in all of my comings.
You will always be with me in everything.
I do not know how I am being resettled,
but I place my life into the welcoming arms of your love.

Encircle my heart with your peace.
May your powerful presence run like a strong thread
through the fibers of my being. Amen.

Suitcase reflection:

  • What blessings of your life do you most want to carry with you as you move on? Name these. (You may wish to write them down.) Thank God for the gift to carry these blessings with you in your heart as you move on.
  • What blessings are you most in need of as you continue your journey? Name these. (You may wish to write them down.) Pray for the grace to have these as a part of your journey.
  • If you wrote your blessings on paper, place these lists in your suitcase as a prayerful sign of your trust in God.


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