Six gestures of the morning praise

Each morning when I arise I begin the day with these six gestures. I join spirit and body in praising the Holy One and offering my thanks for life. As I do the gestures, I say a one line prayer and then remain in that posture for a brief time.

1.tOffering the Creator praise and gratitude:
Stretch your arms high and wide above your head.
I thank you, Holy One, for the gift of another day of life.

2.tIntentionally being aware of my spiritual bond with all of creation:
Hold arms out from your sides, a little below shoulder height. Move (pivot) to the left and to the right with your arms stretching outward toward the cosmos.
I reach out in compassion to my sisters and brothers throughout the universe.

3.tOffering my life to the Holy One:
Stretch your arms out straight in front of you, slightly apart, palms up.
I give to you all I am and all I have.

4.tOpening to accept what the Holy One offers me this day:
Pull your hands close together and cup them as a container.
I open my entire being to receive the gift that you have waiting for me in this new day.

5.tRemembering to be kind to our planet Earth:
Bend over, reach down, and touch the floor, or better yet, the ground, if you are outside.
I touch this planet, Earth, with awe, reverence, and gratitude, promising to care well for her today.

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6.tAwareness of the indwelling presence of the Holy One:
Stand up, cross hands over your heart, and bow to the waist.
May I be united with you throughout this day, aware of your love strengthening me and shining through me.

From Out of the Ordinary: Prayers, Poems and Reflections for Every Season by Joyce Rupp


Prayer action suggestion:
Make these six gestures your own.


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