Song recalling women of the Bible a favorite at Connecticut vigils in support of sisters

Last month’s vigils to support Catholic sisters at the Church of the Holy Family in Hebron, Conn., ended with a song that Dottie Moon said was particularly fitting for these events. At the end of each vigil, Moon, the organizer, said she would play a recording of Daughter of God, which tells the stories of several women mentioned in the Bible.

“We just felt that it encapsulated God’s love and the power of women in a time when we are feeling very marginalized by the Vatican,” Moon said. “It recalls the women who are often so invisible in a Bible that was recorded by men.”

The song that names Eve, Sarah, Rebecca, Esther, Elizabeth, Mary, Veronica and Joanna is a popular track on a CD recorded by a few parish members last year, to raise money for a new organ. Here are the eight women, performing earlier this spring at the Church of the Holy Family:

From left, the performers are Maureen Phelps, Cherise Buckley, Mary Rose Meade, Sue Rivard, Kristin Chepeleff, Meg Clifton, Patty Miceli, and musical director Nicole Bernier (on keyboard.)

The song is written by Sarah Hart, Nellie Cruz-Krawczynski and Jessica Alles-Smith, according to (Oregon Catholic Press).

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