Taste and see

“O taste and see that God is good.” — Psalm 34:8

What does it mean to “taste and see that God is good”? Many would think of the Eucharist. This is most surely a wondrous way of tasting God’s goodness, but there are many other ways as well.

We can feed on our good memories and remember how we have been blessed with God’s love through our relationships. We can be nourished by a moment of wonder and beauty and be fed by God’s creation. We can experience the bounty of another’s care and concern and taste the compassion of God.

The Easter season calls us to celebrate the Risen Life of Jesus. It is also an invitation to welcome life in a springtime world, to see the stirrings and marvels of death being overtaken by life. It is a time to taste the wonders of God’s goodness in the seasonal cycle of life overturning death.

It is all too easy to be preoccupied with work and worries and forget to “taste and see.” What will you “taste and see” today? How will you enjoy God’s goodness?

Risen Christ,
my Easter world is filled with gifts,
both material and spiritual.
Slow me down today and guide me
to taste the wonders of your goodness.

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From Inviting God In: Scriptural Reflections and Prayers Throughout the Year by Joyce Rupp


Prayer action suggestion:
Begin a “taste and see” journal. Record each day God’s goodness in your life.


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