10 things Pope Francis should do in Philadelphia

Pope Francis is reportedly heading to Philadelphia in October 2015. While he’s in town, here are a few things he should do.

1. Eat a cheesesteak at Pat's.

Move over, King of Kings.


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2. Bless the Liberty Bell.

With liberty and pontiffs for all.


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3. Pray for love.

It's all we need.


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4. Grab a beer at Monk's.

They have Lost Abbey Devotion on tap.


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5. Hang out with Mercy Sr. Mary Scullion of Project HOME

Bonus: Jon Bon Jovi


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6. Check out Edgar Allan Poe's home.

Recite "Catholic Hymn." BYO bird.


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7. Catch a Philadelphia Flyers match.

Consider an orange zucchetto.


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8. Visit the Benjamin Franklin Museum.

It's all about this Benjamin.


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9. Take a selfie with Questlove.

Maybe The Roots would have their annual concert in October?


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10. Run the Rocky steps and see the statue.

It ain't about how hard you pray.


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[Kate Childs Graham is an activist in the progressive Catholic movement. A graduate of The Catholic University of America and the U.N.-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, she is a communications professional in Washington, D.C. Follow her on Twitter: @kchildsgraham.]

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