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The Line in the Sand: Stories from the US/Mexico border

Following are video excerpts from The Line in the Sand, performed by members and staff of Most Holy Trinity Parish at the Celebration Publications conference, "A Light to the Nations," held Jan. 12-14, 2011 in San Antonio.

Scene 1:

Lucresia, a migrant mother of three from Mexico (played by Lupita Parra), embarks on a journey to the United States.

Scene 2:

Shana Machain plays the part of a No More Deaths volunteer, and shares her experience providing aid to migrants in the desert.

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Scene 3:

Deacon Ken Moreland plays a Tucson medical examiner and Leo Guardado plays the part of an intern at the Mexican consulate. The two share their perspectives on identifying bodies found in the Arizona desert.

Scene 4:

Sara Lisa plays the part of Barbara Padilla, a local resident introduced to the immigration issue. She shares her experience from an immersion trip at a Mexican shelter for migrants. Acting as an Arizona rancher, Fr. Joe Rodrigues offers his perspective on the immigration issue.

Scene 5:

A Catholic Relief Services representative (played by Erika Diaz) interviews two migrants at a detention center. We hear the stories of Monica (played by Stella Samorano) and Victor (played by Stephen Sanchez).



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