The Migrants: A Light to the Nations by Fr. Dean Brackley

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In January 2011, Fr. Dean Brackley gave the keynote address at "A Light to the Nations," the third annual Celebration conference on effective liturgy. In the address he offered his vision of the migrant poor as God's messengers, "a light to the nations." Fr. Brackley passed away in October. Read his memorial here.

Fr. Brackley will be remembered by many for his selfless decision in 1989 to go to El Salvador to help replace faculty members who were killed on the campus of the University of Central America during the civil war in that tiny country.

His legacy is in what he contributed during his 20 years in El Salvador. His academic work, extensive lecturing and writing focused on the structural injustices that drive social instability and migration for millions of desperate people around the world.

You can watch an excerpt from Fr. Brackley's keynote address below. The complete text of the presentation is available on the Celebration Web site.

Nearly a year after Fr. Brackley’s presentation, the need for comprehensive immigration reform is more critical than ever. The next Celebration conference, "Eucharist Without Borders," will discuss the church’s call to compassion and solidarity with those in need. Learn more.

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