Copy Desk Daily, July 29, 2020

Our team of copy editors reads and posts most of what you see on the websites for National Catholic Reporter, Global Sisters Report and EarthBeat. The Copy Desk Daily highlights recommended news and opinion articles that have crossed our desks on their way to you.

Black at Fordham, Black at Fairfield, Black at DePaul — anonymous students and alumni are telling stories of discrimination, slurs and overpolicing at these and other Catholic educational institutions. Via Instagram, Catholic colleges face a racial reckoning. In the words of the Instagram account blackatbostoncollege: "It is finally time to release ourselves from this trauma; a trauma which we have swallowed and suppressed, all the while convincing ourselves that it did not matter."

In new book, 30 evangelicals argue against Trump: Bill Tammeus reviews the collection of essays in The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump. In the end, he says, the essays are less about Trump's policies than about Trump-supporting evangelicals' "remarkable and scandalous" abandonment of principle in exchange for political power.

Tomorrow is the U.N. World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. A commentary on GSR explores how pioneering Catholic sisters lead the way in the anti-trafficking movement.

With its shrinking unemployment benefits, the GOP's stimulus bill is flaccid and immoral, Michael Sean Winters declares. "There are many more 'least of these' in America today than there were before the virus," he writes, saying Joe Biden needs to be a Matthew 25 candidate.

GSR columnist Sr. Judith Best has found some mentors for life during COVID-19: Mom, Dad and Merton.

In news from NCR's headquarters: NCR names two journalists to positions of publisher and climate editor. Bill Mitchell is becoming publisher, turning over editorship of EarthBeat to Barbara Fraser, who's reported from Latin America for 30 years. And on a note of saying goodbye, Pat Marrin, former editor of Celebration, pays tribute to a writer for NCR's onetime worship resource: Fr. Roger Karban, contributor to NCR's Scripture for Life, dies at age 80.

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