Copy Desk Daily, May 20, 2019

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National Catholic Reporter brings you a long-researched special series this week about the human and environmental costs of nuclear weapons production in the U.S. over the decades, by honing in on a "non-nuclear" facility in Kansas City, Missouri, where electronic, mechanical and other components for weapons were manufactured.

Part 1 of Enemy Within: Government workers were kept in the dark about their toxic workplace 

Catholic immigration advocates raised concerns about a proposal from President Donald Trump that would reshape U.S. immigration policy to incorporate a "merit-based" system that prioritizes high-skilled workers over those with family already in the country.

Michael Sean Winters has a strong opinion about that policy: "There is no constitutional requirement that a public policy cohere with Catholic moral teaching, to be sure. But let's call this "merit-based" system what it is: Eugenics for immigrants."

From Global Sisters Report's Africa/Middle East correspondent Doreen Ajiambo: Sr. Lilly Manavalan from the Franciscan Clarist congregation applies her passion for serving the impoverished toward the rescue of children who have been abandoned due to the stigma of HIV. Manavalan, a nurse, brings the children to St. Clare Girls' Centre, a home where they receive medicine, treatment and compassion.

From GSR's international liaison Presentation Sr. Joyce Meyer: "Last summer, at a meeting of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, I met a number of Vietnamese sisters who were part of a 1975 migration from Vietnam. My curiosity was piqued as I learned that each found her way to the Kentucky Dominicans and later as a group to the Dominican Sisters of Peace."

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